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800'000 tpa cement mill in Beira, Mozambique

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The Company’s initial investment in the cement market will be in Mozambique. It will design, construct and operate a clinker grinding and cement packing plant in the port of Beira, Mozambique.

The plant will have a design capacity of 800'000 tonnes a year and will supply quality cement at a reasonable price to the growing local market and certain export markets in landlocked Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and the Katanga Province in DRC.

The Mozambique authorities have approved the investment and the Company has secured the necessary permits and licenses.

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Most of the services and equipment required have been committed for and the project costs for the cement mill in Beira are estimated at approximately USD 30 million. Construction on site has picked up momentum significantly and hot commissioning target is expected in April 2014 whilst final handover by contractors is expected some time in June 2014. Based on current market conditions and a slow build up of capacity up to 75%, the Beira project demonstrates a robust financial performance.

Please refer to the Gallery section for photographs and videos on the clinker grinding and cement packing plant in the port of Beira, Mozambique.

December 2013: Panorama

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